"Angular" Acrylic on Board (Selling unframed) Measures: 20" x 16" This painting is all about angles and overlapping. Back in the day I was fascinated by Art Deco and fell in love with many of the now familiar shapes that were used in design. With this piece I decided (not for the first time) to give an impression of that era but using modern colours and styling to give it an individual twist whilst still retaining a slight Deco feel. Blue and Red are usually key in creating my designs, they are both powerful colours and as I often say, they create depth, drawing the viewer into the painting, inviting you to take a closer look and get immersed in the image. The painting is under painted with yellow (something I learned from one of my painting hero's Nancy Kominsky who I communicated with at the start of my career), this technique ensures the forefront of the painting always stands out and comes alive. Created using English manufactured high pigment paint and protected with a non yellowing UV varnish. Signed on reverse. Painting is supplied with a signed certificate of authenticity. Postage included. Royal Mail Special Delivery service, next working day.

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