Viktor Tilson - Artist

Born: 1964 Yateley, Hampshire, England.

I have been painting all my life and started selling work in the mid 1990's whilst working an office job. Yearly solo exhibitions were held around the UK and London. In 2000 (launched in London) I became one of the first British artists to showcase my work online with a dedicated web site.

I am untrained and classified as an "Outsider Artist" (basically called as such because I didn't attend art college or studied at university) My education back in the 1980's didn't include any history of art and, therefore, despite painting abstract from an early age, I had no way to classify what I was creating until well into my twenties. Having never visited art museums or anything like that I think this added tremendously to me finding my own style. The internet didn't exist when I started out!

Fast forward to 2010 and I finally decided to turn professional as sales of my work continued to grow. I developed a unique style of painting (Amalgamation) which combines amazing colour within what looks like a random design. I refined this technique over several years and these works have proved to be my most popular, propelling my career to a new level.

I rarely exhibit work these days, to be honest I spent most of my twenties and thirties hawking my work around galleries in New York, Milan and London in my spare time whilst juggling a full time office job. I reached the conclusion I am an outsider in every sense and I'm OK with that now.

I typically use the same palette of colours for most work, and this makes my paintings easily recognisable. In my more graphic designs you will note certain shapes and angles appear repeatedly. This is not intentional, it just happens that way.

Today I am very fortunate to have a loyal following by collectors of my work in the UK and overseas. Commission work has allowed me to fully explore my painting skills whilst creating very unique and personal paintings for my clients.

Commission enquires are welcome.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have enjoyed seeing my work.

My sincere thanks to the following clients for giving their permission to show photos of paintings they have commissioned me to paint for them:
S Prince, S Turner, M & P Walker , P Dent & T. Garbutt, L Beard , G Myhill, G & D Evans, A & C Evans, A Bishop

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